Payment Options

Solnet EV has ultra-fast charging at its location, the charging infrastructure is equipped with NFC payments and our station accept visa, mastercard or american express.


How to Start and Stop a Charge

Charging at SolnetEV ultra fast stations is simple, there are some slight variations depending on the payment method of your choice.

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How the Charging works

To make the EV process start just plug in the gun connector to your car and present you credit/debit card to payment terminal. Once the card is authorized the the display screen will show EV charging process with charging status bar. To stop the service, on the screen menu, press stop and enter the last 4 digits of the credit card in the following combination eg., xx1234.

If using an Apple pay, use the apple pay id also known as apple device account number. If the cardholder needs to find their Device Account Number they can find this in the Wallet of the Apple device they used to start the charger. Go to Apple Wallet click the card you used, press 3 dots from the top right corner and select card numbers as ****1196, the screen will show two numbers, please use apple pay id last 4 digits to stop the transaction with a 'xx' prefix as eg., xx1196.

New cars are provided with car manufacturers app that allows you to stop the charge remotely as well.

If you are using an Andriod Phone or Apple phone with app, the process is quite intuitive, the start and stop button will process a start session and stop session.

Using an RFID card or a card issued by an MSP, once the gun connector is inserted in the vehicle, start session by selecting the required capacity option and placing the RFID card, on RFID card reader on the machine.

Dont forget to touch the card in time ...

Note in case the payment terminal show Stopped on the screen, remove and insert the gun connector to restart the process again.

New Sites

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Charging Rates

Charging plans

Standard AC

38p / kwh

  • Free Parking
  • upto 22KW

Fast Charger DC

55p / kwh

  • Free Parking
  • upto 100KW

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